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Domnick Hunter Hydrogen Generators


Eliminate high pressure hydrogen cylinders from the laboratory by generating a continuous source of UHP hydrogen gas. domnick hunter hydrogen generators produce a continuous flow of ultra-pure hydrogen reliably and cost effectively from de-ionized water and electricity. Three models are available with flow rates ranging from 160 cc/min to 500 cc/min.

domnick hunter hydrogen generators provide a safe and hassle-free alternative to high pressure gas cylinders. Hydrogen is only generated on demand at low pressure and the volume of stored gas is minimal.

The generators are ideal for supplying fuel gas to all known combustion detectors used routinely in GC and THA, and can also be used to supply hydrogen for GC carrier gas applications and for ELCD reaction gas.


Domnick Hunter Nitrogen Generators


domnick hunter nitrogen generators cover a wide range of flows and purities to exactly match the needs of applications including LCMS, GC, ICP, ELSD / CAD detector, Circular Dichroism and Sample Evaporation. The optional Generators incorporating an integrated oil free compressor completely eliminate any reliance on a house compressed air supply giving complete security of supply.

The technology used to procure a continuous flow of high purity nitrogen is pressure swing absorption ( PSA ). This technique uses one or two carbon molecular sieves beds (CMS) to eliminate oxygen and other contaminants in the ambient air selectively.

In the larger systems the beds alternate between the purification and regeneration modes to ensure continuous nitrogen production.


Zero Air

Domnick Hunter Zero Air Generatorsdomnick hunter Zero Air generators produce a continuous flow of clean, dry air with an ultra low residual methane content of less than 0.1 ppm from an existing compressed air supply. Five models are available with flow rates ranging from 1.0L/minute to 20 L/minute.

An interchangeable top panel allows for direct mounting of a domnick hunter UHP hydrogen generator, to provide an all-in-one flame gas solution for GC-FID, FPD and NPD applications.

The generators can also be used to supply Zero Air to many additional applications including nebulizer and exhaust gas for LC/MS applications, zero gas and combustion gas for total hydrocarbon analysers and calibration / dilution gas for gas sensing equipment.


Domnick Hunter Clean Dry Air Generators

Removal Purifiers

A supply of compressed air is an essential utility for any modern laboratory. Compressed air contains water, oil and dirt that can wear pneumatic instruments and affect the performance and life of analytical instruments.

domnick hunter desiccant dryers are ideal for laboratory use, providing a constant flow of clean, dry compressed air. Using proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, the units feature automatic regeneration and integral pre and post filtration to ensure total reliability. Seven models are available with flow rates ranging from 70 L/min to 453 L/min. The Midas air dryer can operate at a working pressure of up to 12 barg.

By providing totally clean, dry air, domnick hunter pure air generators are ideal for point-of-use laboratory applications including Atomic Adsorption, rheometer purge, NMR sample spinning and lasers purging. In addition a desiccant dryer can be used as pre-treatment for a zero air or nitrogen generator if the compressed air isn�t clean.

All domnick hunter gas generators are designed and manufactured within a rigorous ISO9001 quality system and are certified to CE.


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