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Sand-blasting operations are based on a physics principle, kinetic energy is transferred from the compressed air used to the abrasive. The larger quantity of energy is transferred to every single grain the greater is the work performed. On the basis of this principle we consider worthwhile the great efforts bestowed on the research, construction and development of the air-sand mixing device necessary for the energy transfer.


The machine control can be manually or automatically operated, as requested.
In the "automatically operated" machines the starting up, stopping and adjusting are controlled by the operator through a lever control positioned at the end of the sander tube. The peculiar feature of our sand-blasting machine, is that when you release the level control, air-abrasive jet stops automatically. The machine is maintained pressurised and ready to be started up again in its optimal operating conditions (air pressure in the tank and sand flow adjustment). Therefore, after the machine is started up again it is not necessary to wait for the tank to refill or the build-up of abrasive that may have flowed in the sander tube to be removed. Therefore, our automatically operated machines are fit especially for the sand-blasting of complex parts or parts requiring frequent breaks in order to check the effectiveness of the process, since that can be done without wasting air, abrasive or time. The control device has been designed in compliance with accident prevention regulations which protect the operator from the jet in case of accident or sudden illness.
In the "manually operated" machines the stopping of the jet is controlled by a second operator who, firstly has to close the abrasive mixing valve and then the air valve. Through the reverse operation the machine is immediately started again in its optimal pressure and mixing conditions. These operations can be carried out by the operator who is sanding only if he is in the conditions to get near the machine.


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